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This class offers a variety of musical genres and curriculums like classical, jazz, pop, rock and Latin American genres.

  • In the beginning lessons the students will explore, feel and learn foundational music skills such as tempo, meter, pitch and volume as well as rhythm, music symbols and an initiation to the instrument.

  • For the intermediate level all of these skills will be developed and applied to different repertories and technical abilities.

  • Advanced lessons focus on a very specific objective as: preparation for music auditions and preparation for college admissions. 

  • Audition Preparation will help the student prepare for music auditions, admissions, and music portfolio preparation. This curriculum is an intensive 2hr 1/2 weekly program that includes: 1 hr. instrument class, 1 hr. Ensemble Lab or ½ hr. sight reading, 1/2 Music Theory class. 


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