Courses & Classes

Our classes are taught at our wonderful studio and online. Each program is unique in its content, teaching approach and goal. 
As every individual is different in their learning process and personal interests, therefore we offer different types of  curriculums / lessons with engaging contents and a solid methodology for each class.




Online and in person

This class offers a variety of musical genres and curriculums like classical, jazz, pop, rock and Latin American genres.



Online and in person

This class will teach and develop skills using different acoustic and electronic mediums as well as your own imagination to create and produce new music. In this course will teach all the foundations relate to music production. 
What you will learn:
1- Use of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Ableton as your main production tool.

2- Introduction to midi sequences, beats and demo creation.
3- Basics of recording including, gain staging and mic placement.
4- Audio editing and preparation for final audio track delivering. 
5- Basics of mixing concepts such as volume, panning, equalization, compression and effects.

*Basics requirements:
8GB of ram recommended
256 SSD Storage 
DAW: Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Ableton.
-One channel audio interface.



Adding these classes can improve and/or complement students’ progress in a very positive way since they motivate music learning and develop their potential in different areas. 

song writing_edited.png


A space to create and let your musicality and imagination fly by composing and writing songs for the future music industry!
Saturdays at 5pm
2 hr sessions