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"Laura is wonderful teacher with tons of patience, whole hardheartedly dedicated to the teaching of piano. She educates each student with the right amount of tenderness & strictness that promotes each person to keep on pushing themselves to reach their full potential. Very professional and organized how she manages her studio. She has made a difference in our love for music".


Our family is so grateful for Laura.  She is a gifted piano teacher and role model for her students.  I was lucky enough to have met Laura when my daughter was preparing for admissions into a university’s prestigious music school.

Not only did Laura enhance her skills, but also help her prepare for her audition and portfolio.  My daughter eventually was one of only a handful of students selected that year and we couldn’t have done it without Laura’s education, guidance, patience, and love.

Laura creates an environment that is kind and nurturing for her students, and at the same time her teaching methods provide results.  There is no one better than Laura Lambuley for your children’s musical education. 

Thank you Laura for all you have done for my daughter’s musical educational journey!”


Laura es una excelente maestra, profesional y con un alto sentido de dedicación a sus estudiantes. Mis hijos no solo cuentan con una gran motivación en sus clases, sino a su vez se sienten motivados a practicar y prepararse fuera de clases. La comunicación con los padres y las herramientas que provee para acompañar el progreso de aprendizaje son excelentes. Gracias por hacer una diferencia en la vida de mis hijos! Altamente recomendado.


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