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In person and online

Lesson Cost            1/2hr Lesson     1hr Lesson
Month x4 weeks       $180                  $320
Month x5 weeks       $225                  $400


Lesson Cost              1hr Lesson    Add 1hr (same day)     Add 1/2hr (same day)

Month x4 weeks        $720              $260                                   $140

Month x5 weeks        $900             $300                                   $175



Email us for pricing information!!


A space to create and let your musicality and imagination fly by composing and writing songs for the future music industry!

Monthly membership:

$300 (studio members)

$400 (non studio members)


It's easy to join our musical family!!


1. Find the class that better works for you.


2. Click on Apply Now to create a New Account.


3. We will contact you to set up a time and teacher for your class.


4.Once you are all setup, you will receive your first invoice that will include the option selected (Semester, Lesson Pack or Drop-in) + registration fee.


5. You will receive the lesson’s contract to sign. You can always terminate your contract by the 15th of each month.


6. Once you make the payment of your first month lessons and return your signed contract, you are ready to start!!




  • Semester: this is the BEST OPTION! You'll get a discounted price, the option to pay in full, or choose a payment plan.

  • Lesson Pack monthly payment: we offer a pack of 4 and 5 classes (depending of the month) at the standard pricing in a monthly based payment.

  • Drop-In or class by class: ideal for visiting students or biweekly lessons. This option will have an additional  $10 cost more that the regular fee.


Yes, we have a Sibling Discount! If you are thinking on register more than one member of your family, we will give you a discount, and will add it directly to your account and invoice. Sibling Discount will only apply if the siblings live in the same household.


$50 registration  Fee is Non-refundable. 

*Makeup classes. There will be no refund for classes not taken.  It is necessary for you to give advance notice as soon as possible regarding any cancellations. We will be happy to reschedule 1 lesson per month within the same week if given at least 24 hours’ notice. Missed lessons without any notice are not subject to refunds or make-up classes.


In only a few minutes we can enroll you in a Program of your choice! If you are unable to find the class you are looking for or have any questions, call (561) 325-9341 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will answer any questions you may have. 

Pricing: Price List
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