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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Dear Parents here are some suggestions that may help you to decide which instrument is the best option for you and your kid ;)

There are three basic categories of keyboard instruments available. The largest and most expensive, and also the best when it comes to developing piano skills, are the acoustic pianos. There are also many good digital pianos, which are smaller, less expensive, and do a decent job of mimicking the sound and feel of an acoustic instrument. Remember that digital pianos require a good bench, a solid stand (I don't recommend a crossed stand) and least, the sustain pedal (the right pedal). There are different options for each piano, and some brands offer their own stand (that in some cases include the pedals). A third category, the electronic keyboard, is the least expensive option. An electronic keyboard may not have the right touch to develop hand strength , or enough keys to play a wide range of music, but for the little ones is perfect!

Electronic keyboards,

  • Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard

This Keyboard is perfect for cute little hands exploring the piano (3, 4 and maybe 5 year old)!

Good Digital Pianos

I recommend these pianos to students 5 and up!

Acoustic Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos

I recommend these pianos to all my students! (If interested on an acoustic piano let me know and I'll contact you with the provider, or help you to choose a good used one).

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